FEATURE I SDGs x Toshiba Tec

特集I SDGs×東芝テック

Toshiba Tec, as a solution partner, focuses on its efforts to implement the SDGs along with customers by contributing its value creation in "retail", "office","logistics" & "manufacturing"

Contribution to the environment with only one technology to "erase" printed text and "reuse" paper

"Loops" paper reusing system

The contribution the hybrid MFP "Loops" makes to the SDGs has been recognized, and eventually won two awards: Excellence Award at the 1st EcoPro Awards and Eco Mark Award 2018 Excellence Award, for enabling regular printing as well as erasable printing on one single device.

Contribution to the environment

Paper use reduced by reusing paper. Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) indicates an approx.
42% reduction in CO2 emissions and an approx. 80% reduction in water use.

Contribution to the environment-1

Reduction in paper use with the conventional approach of printing

Contribution to the environment-2


Effect of paper reduction easily visualized

Contribution to the environment-3

Project to Improve Living Convenience in Okinawa
Contribution to Regional Economic Revitalization with Smart Receipt

Okinawa has a large number of our customers (retail stores) among the 47 prefectures. Also, the local "Yuimaru" spirit of mutual aid takes a strong hold in Okinawa. That’s why Okinawa was singled out for this project to improve living convenience using Smart Receipt (e-receipt), and it was implemented for 7 months from September 12, 2018 to April 21, 2019. It was the first large project in Japan in which everyday shoppers, 9 regional companies and 64 stores participated. The aims are to familiarize users with Smart Receipt and achieve promotional partnership between stores, regardless of what business they are in or whether they are competitors.

Project to Improve Living Convenience in Okinawa

Acquired approx. 7,000 users with special in-store events and coupons!


1.Promotional partnership through coupons

Recruiting new members and implementing promotional partnership through in-store events and coupons under the slogan of "Smart Wallet with E-receipt"


2. Mutual invitation through coupons


3.Mutual invitation and reception through coupons

Inviting supermarket shoppers to restaurants by offering restaurant coupons

More than half of users satisfied with Smart Receipt, and experienced shopping around

More than half of users satisfied with Smart Receipt, and experienced shopping around

In this project, store owners/managers held periodic meetings to report progress and exchange opinions mutually. Even after completion of the project, the meetings have continued as "User Meeting" to expand joint sales. Smart Receipt has been instrumental in creating new value while revitalizing the region, regardless of what business stores are in or whether they are competitors.