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Print on Demand Application for Touch-Screen e-STUDIO MFP



MFP printing will never be the same.

Toshiba introduces the e-BRIDGE PODApl, an all-new POD (Print On Demand) solution that answers truly diverse printing needs. Its broad applications, ranging from cost-effective business management to enhanced customer services, allow users to swiftly find exactly the document they are looking for and print it out with ease. These capabilities are made possible by output solutions that can be tailor-made to enable searching of preinstalled data on storage servers as well as data on cloud servers*.
*Cloud server access will become available soon as an option.

For Retailers

With Toshiba POD solutions, retailers can print out their own POP materials such as attractive banners in various sizes and offer more customer-friendly services through coupons, recipes and more

For Travel agencies

Applications range from the creation of travel pamphlets to the delivery of valuable information such as timetables and route maps. Information can be searched and printed anytime your customers demand.

For Government offices

Toshiba POD solutions contribute to simpler, more efficient operation by offering easier access to application forms for various documentations and certificates. Applicants can access necessary information promptly, allowing officers to spend less time dealing with applicants and more time concentrating on their work.

For Universities

Toshiba POD solutions empower students and professors to conveniently share printed materials. For instance, professors can prepare a syllabus for lectures and courses, while students can take advantage of POD solutions to print out the syllabus and assignments from professors.

*The e-BRIDGE PODApl solution will vary by region.

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