Thermal Printers & Dot matrix printers

  • Desktop Printers

    Desktop Printers

    Our range of thermal printers work at optimal processing and printing speeds whilst ensuring the highest degree of reliability for business-critical applications. They are trusted worldwide to provide performance printing solutions combined with a low cost of ownership.

  • POS Printers

    POS Printers

    The TRST range is designed to cater for the extremely demanding and fast-paced retail and hospitality sectors.

  • Mobile Printers

    Mobile Printers

    Today businesses have an urgent need to unwire operations and empower the Mobile Workforce.
    Use Applications that deliver real-time data to mobile users, wherever they are, whenever they need it

  • Dot Matrix Printers

    Dot Matrix Printers

    Fast and reliable receipt printing for delivery applications, warehouse operations and ticketing on the move.

  • RFID Printers

    RFID Printers

    The B-SX series,B-EX series and B-SA4TM printers will soon provide users with an easy upgrade path to include RFID read / Write capability for both UHF and HF applications.

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